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Gas sensitivity of sol-gel prepared mesoporous WO3 thin film
M. Takács, A.E. Pap
Eurosensors2016, Budapest, Hungary  view poster

Simulation and experimental validation of particle trapping in microfluidic magnetic separation (MMS) system
E.L. Tóth, A. Füredi, E. Holczer, K. Iván, P. Fürjes
Eurosensors2016, Budapest, Hungary  view poster

Force feedback control system dedicated for Robin Heart surgical robot
Z. Nawrat , K. Rohr , P. Fürjes , L. Mucha , K. Lis , J. Radó , Cs. Dücső , P. Földesy , W. Sadowski , D. Krawczyk , P. Kroczek , G. Szebényi , P. Soós , Z. Małota
Eurosensors2016, Budapest, Hungary  view poster

Microfluidic particle sorting system for environmental pollution monitoring applications
E.L. Tóth , E. Holczer, P. Földesy, K. Iván, P. Fürjes
Eurosensors2016, Budapest, Hungary  view poster


Gas sensitivity enhancement of WO3 nano-rods by gold nanoparticles
M. Takács, D. Zámbó, A. Deák, A.E. Pap, I. Bársony
Eurosensors2015, Freiburg, Germany    view poster

Cell-binding assay in autonomous polymer microfluidic chambers
E. Holczer, K. Papp, J. Prechl, P. Fürjes
NanoBioTech-Montreaux, 2015   view poster

Multiphysics modelling of magnetic bead trajectories in microfluidic magnetic separation systems
E.L. Tóth, A. Füredi, E. Holczer, K. Iván, P. Förjes
NanoBioTech-Montreaux, 2015   view poster

Effect of geometric singularities on plasma separation performance in cascade Zweifach-Fung bifurcation
E.L. Tóth, K. Iván, P. Fürjes
Eurosensors2015, Freiburg, Germany   view poster


Optimization of the Herringbone Type Micromixer Using Numerical Modelling and Validation By Measurements
E. Tóth, K. Iván, P. Fürjes
Presented at COMSOL Conference 2014, Cambridge, Great Britain
Best Poster Award    view poster

Neural Cell Response to Nanostructured Biosensor Surfaces
Zs. Bérces , Á. Horváth , A. Jády , A. Pongrácz , E. Madarász , Z. Fekete
Presented at Eurosensor 2014, Brescia, Italy   
view poster

Effects of micropatterning and surface modification of microfluidic channels on capillary water transport
E. Holczer, P. Fürjes
Presented at Eurosensor2014, Brescia, Italy   
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Micro-pellistor with integrated porous alumina catalyst support
F. Bíró, A.E. Pap, I. Bársony and Cs. Dücső
Presented at Eurosensors2014, Brescia, Italy   
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In-situ surface modification of microfluidic channels by integrated plasma source
T. Kárpáti, E. Holczer, J. Ferencz, A. E. Pap , P. Fürjes
Presented at Eurosensors2014, Brescia, Italy   
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Effect of hexagonal WO3 morphology on NH3 sensing
M. Takács, Cs. Dücső, Z. Lábadi and A.E. Pap
Presented at Eurosensors2014, Brescia, Italy   
view poster

Controlled capillary transport in locally modified polymer microfluidic systems
E. Holczer, T. Kárpáti and P. Fürjes
Presented at Microfluidics 2014, Heidelberg, Germany   
view poster

Nanostructured Si Surfaces for Neural Application
Zs. Bérces , Z. Fekete , A. Pongrácz
Presented at IBRO 2014 Workshop, Debrecen, Hungary   
view poster

Optrode for multimodal deep-brain optical stimulation
M. Kiss, Z. Fekete
Presented at IBRO 2014 Workshop, Debrecen, Hungary   
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Robust silicon-based microelectrode arrays and a microdrive system for in vivo electrophysiology
G. Márton, P. Baracskay, B. Plósz, R. Fiáth, Z. Fekete, I. Ulbert, G. Juhász, A. Pongrácz
Presented at IBRO 2014 Workshop, Debrecen, Hungary   
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Oxide nanostructures fabricated with atomic layer deposition and hydrothermal growth for sensor applications
Zs. Baji, Z. Szabó, G.J. Mikula, I. Lukács
Presented at Mátrafüred Workshop 2014, Visegrád, Hungary   
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Develoment of magnetism in iron on a curved surface
D.G. Merkel, D. Bessas, Z. Zolnai, R. Rüffer, A. Chumakov, E. Gergely-Fülöp, A. Deák
Presented at SATF20, Izmir, Turkey    
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Integration of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods into novel optoelectronic and sensor devices
J. Volk, Z. Szabó, R. Erdélyi, Cs. Dücső
Presented at INC10 2014, Gaithersburg, Md, USA   
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Microplasma chamber for Molecular Emission Spectroscopy
T. Kárpáti, I. Bársony and P. Fürjes
Preseted at IEEE Sensors 2014, Valencia, Spain   
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Si based MEMS capacitive pressure sensor - Design and manufacturing
T. Kárpáti, A.E. Pap, M. Ádám, P. Fürjes, S. Kulinyi
ICMAST 2012, Budapest, Hungary     view poster

Integrated microfluidic function for nanopore based biosensors
Z. Fekete, G. Huszka, A. Pongrácz, T. Kárpáti, E. Vrouwe, R.E. Gyurcsányi, P. Fürjes
ICMAST 2012, Budapest, Hungary     view poster


Sensitivity tuning of a three axial force sensor
D. Molnár, A. Pongrácz, M. Ádám, Z. Hajnal, V. Timár-Horváth, G. Battistig
Micro & Nano 2010, Athens, Greece     view poster

Thermal behaviour of three dimensional single crystalline force sensor
G. Battistig, T. Weidisch, T. Retkes, M. Ádám, I. Bársony, T. Mohácsi
MME2010, Enschede, The Netherlands     view poster